Beatles in montreal

Fans waiting in front of the Montréal Forum, September 8, 1964. (Source: Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec, Fonds Jean-Louis Frund)




September 8, 1964 at the Montréal Forum

Were you there?

It happened on September 8, 1964. America was being shaken to its core by a whirlwind that would capture the heart of millions of young women and men. This whirlwind was Beatlemania. Young people in the 1960’s were living through a time of transformation, influenced by different cultural currents and touched by a worldwide hype surrounding pop music groups.

This web site,  is all about the fab four universe with a special interest on the only performance in the city, (which took place at the Montréal Forum), of the most important pop music group of all times: The Beatles. Their two shows took place during the group’s first big American tour—34 days, 32 shows in 24 cities. The Beatles’ visit to Montréal took no more than 10 hours but its impact was long lasting.

Were you amongst the 21 000 fans at the Forum that day? Were you there as a policeperson, employee of the Forum, journalist or part of the emergency health team? …Maybe you know someone who was there?

Send us your stories or come read what others who were there have to say about their experience!

We would love to hear your story—the one that is not usually told—,the experience of fans and witnesses who shared in the brief moment in history that happened on  September 8, 1964.